Handmade Art Crafts: Buddha Treasure Lotuses

Take Home one of the Vesak 2015 Most Precious Souvenir

When the photographer and her entourage arrived at Chan Nguyen Monastery in Langley and saw the handmade Buddha lotus lights, they were all in awe of their beauty. They kept saying: “Such beautiful hand crafts! We have never seen Buddha statues placed on such dazzling lotus lights.”

There are total 21 Buddha Treasure Lotuses exhibiting at the Vesak 2015 event, each one is a unique handmade work of art. The monks and nuns from Chan Nguyuen Monastery designed each to be unique. Volunteers from all over Vancouver spent many hours to help make the boxes, attaching the lotus petals, clam shell beads, crystals, pearls and other gems, and creating the Plexiglas covers. Finally, Buddha statues are placed in the middle of the crystals and multicolored gems, surrounded by pink chiffon lotus petals. The base box is encased with LED light so that when lit, the Buddha statues would shine and radiate.
As each piece is unique and priceless, they will be placed for silent auction. So if you are interested in taking one of these 21 rare and precious gifts home, please ask the volunteers for more information, including the description of the Buddhas, the gems used. I hope you will join in on the bidding of your favorite one and be able to take home one of the Buddha Treasure Lotuses, placed it on your alter at home. Your donation will go towards the Mt. St. Joseph Hospital, Buddhist Global Relief, the monastics, and the Nepal Earthquake Relief. And may the Blessings bring you prosperity and happiness.